We craft visionary design to get people talking

We bring you original thinking and brand strategy mixed with a healthy dose of
visionary design. At your side every step of the way, we are on a mission to ignite
your brand through inspired ideas that engage and connect with your audience
on an emotional level. Think of us as creative mavericks:
we craft brands to disrupt the saturated market so that yours stands out.

We don’t believe in creating stunning, yet empty, designs. Anyone can do that. We
believe in design with purpose; to raise a smile, provoke, question or leave a lump
at the back of your throat.

That’s the kind of design we champion.


Looking good is only skin deep

A consumer decides in a split second whether a brand resonates with them or not.
If the spark of connection is made, it must be nurtured to convert the consumer into
a devotee of the brand. If there’s no spark, a connection will never be made.

This split second decision depends on smart and powerful branding.

A strong brand is the lifeblood of your business’ success and longevity. We connect
the dots between your brand’s values and the way it behaves visually, unlocking its
unique power and watering it to watch it grow.

A brand is more than just a name and a logo, it’s an experience. Fueled by thorough
research, we create brands that stand the test of time; guiding them to continuously
evolve to meet and beat the challenges that come with a world that moves at the
speed of light.

Our specialties

Brand strategy

Every brand needs a road map.
How to get from A to B, whilst
navigating the peaks and valleys
in between. Together with you we
define your vision and goals, and
then it’s up to us to figure out how
to achieve them.

Art Direction

We take an intangible concept and
translate it into something visual to
represent graphically your brand.
We lead the design and
conceptualization of each and every
project, coordinating masters of
photography and film in order to
produce the best results.


Your brand’s values and its very
essence are the springboard to its
graphic identity. Together these form
the foundation of a unique and
compelling brand that has the power
to carve out its own space in the market.


Sometimes a brand calls for its own line
of bespoke illustrations. An illustration can
epitomize your brand’s character in way
that becomes synonymous with its values
over time.

Graphic design

We harness the power of creativity and
turn it into visual communication with
´substance. We craft design that reflects
your brand and creates an emotional
connection with its target audience.

Web/ Interactive experiences

We design user-centric digital infrastructures.
As the lines between digital and physical are
blurring, it’s more important than ever to
create a highly functional, personalized and
fluid web experience for your audience to enjoy.


The packaging of a product is one of the
most important touch points of the brand.
It represents visually the brand’s values
and must be eye-catching enough for a
consumer to chose it over any other.

Interior design

Thanks to the combined work of
graphic designers, interior designers
and curators, we design and plan
physical spaces that embody your
brand’s personality and heighten the
brand experience.

Where it all began

In case you’re wondering where the name came from, there’s really quite a simple
explanation. The two founders, Miqui and Xavi, were flatmates in Barcelona when
the idea to create a branding and design studio was conceived. They realized that
flat sharing usually boiled down to three key reasons: necessity, connection and

And those same three reasons are the cornerstone to Flatmate Studio’s attitude.

We take a boutique and nimble approach to every project, believing in keeping things
personal. Our clients become part of our team; we’re excellent listeners and are
propelled by the desire to see each and every brand succeed. Now based in Hong
Kong, the Mediterranean flair still runs through our veins and we’re super proud of our


Miquel Ros

As one half of the founding team, Miqui is in charge
of research, design and production. Inspired by his
Barcelona roots and the beautiful architecture of the
cityscape, geometric shapes and typograhpies became
Miqui’s passion. After graduating from Pau Gargallo Art
School and gaining graphic design experience within the
fashion sector, he spent five years in Beijing honing his
creative skills among top industry professionals.
When taking a break from creating new typographies,
Miqi can be found crate-digging for old vinyls or
moonlighting as a DJ at underground clubs.
And don’t get him started on football; he’ll
defend his beloved F.C. Barcelona to the end.


Xavier Onrubia

Our strategist and creative conceptor, Xavi also hails
from Barcelona. He spent his early years devouring
Japanese manga comics, captivated by their distinctive
style, which inspired him to take up drawing. Years later
he studied at La Llotja Art School, learning the art of
mixing crafts and digital media, before working as a
creative director for companies across the tech,
entertainment, events and fashion sectors.
In his down time, you’ll find Xavi scouring the streets for
the best ramen in Hong Kong or shooting hoops at the
Wanchai basketball courts.


Our extended family

Pichiglas Studio

Alfonso de la Fuente is the
mastermind behind Pichiglas
Studio. Based in Barcelona,
Alfonso has been revolutionizing
the interior design world for over
20 years, developing his own
daring sense of style that is
reflected in every project he


Joan Llabata

Joan Llabata, another fellow
Catalan, has spent ten years
directing independent short films,
documentaries and commercial
content across Europe and Asia.
With several big brand names
under his belt, Joan is passionate
about delivering powerful and
engaging digital stories for all


Lunartic productions

Lunartic Productions is made up
of a bunch of dreamers who think
that life is too big to separate from
work. These creative minds turn the
everyday into something special,
creating meaningful content for
international brands.


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